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The Power of Digital Storytelling

A Webinar on How to Unleash your inner Storyteller for all Media.

Presented by Frank Suffert,
Founder & CEO at Caryzma

Our ability to communicate is based on the ability to tell stories. But who has the self-assurance to proclaim themselves a "storyteller"? Many people do not consider themselves storytellers, which is a shame. The term conjures up images of a contemptuous title reserved for writers, screenwriters, or lauded journalists. Caryzma, on the other hand, holds the opposite view. Because we all have stories to share, we consider ourselves to be storytellers. However, for many, it can be difficult to comprehend and know how to share our story, whether as an individual or as an organization.

In this webinar we will cover

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Stories are Power

"The most Powerful Person in the World is the Storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come." -- Steve Jobs

Frank Suffert is a producer, lecturerer, filmmaker, photographer, and journalist, with 25-years of  experience in Hollywood, a.o., as studio development executive. He is the founder of Caryzma, co-founder of Krautreporter, executive producer for several major commercial film production companies. He has written, shot, directed, and produced hundreds of commercials, documentaries, feature- and television-films, and music videos. He hold a degree from NYU and a masters from UCLA in Film and Television and thought at several American and European universities. Currently he teach at TU, Berlin.


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(c)Photo by Frank Suffert, Senegal 2021

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