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Gender equality is a great solution

Today is International Woman’s Day! Considering everyone has a mom every day should be a Woman’s Day. So why are women and girls still at such a big disadvantage around the world?

Gender equality is a right. The best hope we have of addressing some of the most urgent problems of our time is to realize this right—from economic crisis and a shortage of health care to climate change, abuse against women, and worsening conflicts.

Not only are women more impacted by these issues, but they also have the ideas and leadership skills to address them. Gender inequality continues to hold so many women back, and it is holding our society back as well.

  • What are main obstacles?

  • Sexist prejudice in traditionally patriarch societies are at the core of many problems: A change in the minds of many men around the world has to take place

  • Women's roles have to recognized

Giving girls an education is one of the best ways to mitigate climate change. Girls who are educated have fewer children. They take better care of their land and can become more powerful advocates for their society and the world.

Girls and women's education contributes to more vibrant lifes, higher family income earnings, improved life in the society. Women in the workplace have a higher disposable income and fewer and healthier babies. One of the easiest ways to curb climate change is to limit population growth.

The facts about gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals

Girls are not attending school in many less developed countries. Not only do these girls have much less resources and contribute less to the economy, they are also less prepared for climate change impacts. Countries with higher educated girls and women have also significantly enhanced climate resilience.

As girls are better educated, they earn higher wages, increase their mobility upwards and lead to economic growth. During their lives, they and their children remain healthier and better nourished. We are less likely to fall prey to marriage with children. We are less likely to contract HIV / AIDS or malaria, we are more successful in their crops, and their communities are healthier. Not only have less of a climate impact on their entire lives, but they have become more successful.

Education enhances girls and women's vulnerability to climate change impacts. When nature patterns change, they can be more resilient guardians of food, soil, and water resources. We are more able to cope with natural disaster traumas and extreme weather events.

Girls learning about reproductive health and family planning, for example, have smaller families, one of the most powerful ways to slow climate change. While education allows women in agriculture, technology, and economics to pursue careers.

Today, economic, cultural and safety-related obstacles keep 62 million girls from understanding their right to education around the world. Key transformation strategies include: "If the 52 million girls currently out of school in Africa are given the opportunity to go to school, they will develop into change-makers and problem-solvers for Africa and the world," writes Ruhweza.

  • What could be improved?

  • Improved equality will improve communities

  • Make school affordable

  • Help girls overcome health barriers

  • Reduce the time and distance to get to school

Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone — Men Included | Michael Kimmel | TED Talks

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