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Because it is beautiful -- a film review

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

A Film review by Jeannot Simmen.

But Beautiful, Everything is connected, a film by Erwin Wagenhofer

BUT BEAUTIFULL - Film by Erwin Wagenhofer (Start: 14.11.19,a.o., in Berlin Yorck-Cinemas)

Stories about self-realized life-forms. Maybe some of these alternative lifestyles by design are naive and simplistic but global diversity is convincingly conveyed in this documentary. Its narrative includes the tales of the farmer's life now happier without fertilizer and pesticides, of women from around the globe who assemble electric generators in India. Emancipated and self-assured they capture the available solar energy as "Solar Mamas". At home in remote villages they cook with solar energy, which makes daily life easier. Many stories ... including from the benevolent Dalai Lama appear with clever-witted messages, Buddhist wisdom.

The film brings good stories of alternative lifestyle designs that bring happiness and contentment to live in great pictures, told with music. The individual stories are complexly connected and synthetically interwoven in the process, cut and added to the new whole. "Endless Sunshine and pure beauty," says documentary filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer "instead of eternal world pain and global damage". Another quotation: "For decades we have been exposed to daily manipulation and lied to, kept in fear that resources are about to end," says Erwin Thoma, an Austrian forester, who describes forests as intelligent systems of lavish abundance and diversity. Full of joy and hope.

Jeannot Simmen, Dr. habil., is a regular contributor to CARYZMA in the resorts culture, art and community.


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