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A Beacon of Hope: The Story of Hope Children’s Centre and Its Heroes

In the heart of Temangalo Village, Wakiso District, Uganda, lies a sanctuary of hope and transformation known as Hope Children’s Centre (HOCCE). Formerly Christ Our Hope Orphanage Centre (COHOC), this community-initiated educational charity has been a beacon of light for orphaned and vulnerable children since its establishment in 1994. This is not just the story of an institution but of the lives it touches and the heroes behind its success, particularly its Executive Director, Kayongo Christopher.

The Foundation of Hope

The journey of HOCCE began out of necessity. In the 1990s, the HIV/AIDS epidemic ravaged Uganda, leaving many children orphaned and vulnerable. A group of compassionate community members realized the urgent need for a place where these children could find solace, education, and a future. This led to the creation of COHOC, which later evolved into HOCCE to better reflect its expanding mission and vision.

Today, HOCCE supports 438 children, aged 4-15 years. Among them, 41% are orphans and vulnerable children, while the remaining 59% come from low-income families within the locality. The centre’s mission is to provide hope through Jesus Christ, offering the children a savior and comforter. HOCCE aims to develop these children morally, physically, socially, and spiritually, ensuring they grow into God-fearing citizens​ (Hope Children's Centre)​​ (Global Hand)​.

The Visionary Leader: Kayongo Christopher

Kayongo Christopher’s life is intertwined with the history and growth of HOCCE. Growing up in Uganda, Christopher witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on families and communities. Determined to make a difference, he took on the role of Executive Director in 2004. His leadership and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in transforming HOCCE into a thriving support system for hundreds of children.

Christopher’s vision extends beyond providing basic necessities. He believes in equipping children and their families with skills for sustainable living. Under his guidance, HOCCE has introduced various income-generating activities such as local chicken and piggery rearing, small business ventures like kiosks, charcoal selling, and second-hand clothing sales. These initiatives empower families, ensuring they can support themselves and their children in the long run​ (Hope and Homes).

Personal Histories: The Children of HOCCE

Anna’s Story: From Despair to Aspiration

Anna, a bright-eyed girl of 10, arrived at HOCCE after losing both her parents to HIV/AIDS. When she first came to the center, Anna was withdrawn and struggled with the trauma of her loss. The nurturing environment at HOCCE, coupled with the dedicated efforts of teachers and caregivers, slowly brought a smile back to her face. Anna found solace in education and discovered a passion for learning. Today, she dreams of becoming a teacher, inspired by the kindness and patience of those who helped her heal.

David’s Journey: From Vulnerability to Leadership

David’s family was among the low-income earners in the locality. His parents, unable to afford his school fees, sent him to HOCCE in hopes of a better future. At the centre, David not only excelled academically but also developed leadership skills through various extracurricular activities. His remarkable transformation earned him the role of a student leader, where he now mentors younger children. David aspires to become a social worker, determined to give back to the community that supported him.

Maria’s Path: From Hopelessness to Entrepreneurship

Maria’s story is one of resilience and empowerment. After losing her parents, she was taken in by her elderly grandmother, who struggled to make ends meet. HOCCE’s support extended to Maria’s family through income-generating activities. Together, Maria and her grandmother started a small poultry business. The skills she learned at HOCCE have not only ensured a steady income but have also ignited Maria’s entrepreneurial spirit. She dreams of expanding their business and creating employment opportunities for others in her village.

The Role of Witness Life Church

Central to the children’s transformation is the spiritual guidance provided by "Witness Life Church," a growing ministry within HOCCE. Pastored by Nakintu Marium, the church plays a pivotal role in fostering a God-fearing and morally upright community. Through regular services, Bible studies, and moral instruction, the children learn the values of compassion, integrity, and community service.

Reaching Out: A Call for Support

HOCCE thrives on the generosity of its partners and supporters. However, the centre’s efforts are often hampered by limited resources. They are actively seeking partnerships with individuals, churches, and organizations willing to support their mission. HOCCE welcomes visitors and collaborators who can contribute to their cause, ensuring a brighter future for the children of Uganda.

For more detailed information or to get involved, you can visit their official website (


Hope Children’s Centre, under the exemplary leadership of Kayongo Christopher, stands as a testament to what a dedicated community can achieve. It is not just an institution but a lifeline for many children like Anna, David, and Maria. Their stories of transformation are a beacon of hope, reminding us of the profound impact of compassion and commitment. As HOCCE continues to grow, it beckons all of us to be part of this journey of hope and transformation.


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